A.V. Mapping

Artificial Intelligence - AI Tools

A.V. tool Mapping provides a platform powered by artificial intelligence, which helps film creators and musicians find the right music for their projects. It uses algorithms and models of artificial intelligence to analyze video, text and music content to recommend the most appropriate music. It also offers functions such as noise reduction, designer of AI sound effects and photo/image color card. Thanks to this tool, creators can more accurately match the music to their productions, creating a unique and exciting experience for the viewer. Reduction of noise allows you to remove undesirable sounds or interference to get a clean and clear soundtrack. The designer of AI sound effects allows you to add amazing sound effects that enrich the atmosphere of production. In contrast, photo/image color card allows creators to match the colors and mood of images to selected sounds, creating a harmonious visual and sound whole. Thanks to the use of artificial intelligence, A.V. Mapping opens up new opportunities for creators who can now draw music from the wealth of music, fully adapting it to their ideas and artistic visions.