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Ailiverse Neucore is an API for computer processing, which reduces the amount of necessary data for training and accelerates training on the GPU. It supports image classification, image segmentation/objects detection, recognition of action, detection of deepfakes and OCR. Thanks to Ailiverse Neucore, we can enjoy an efficient tool for solving various problems related to machine vision. The available functionality includes classification of images, which allows us to identify objects or events in the pictures. We can also use image segmentation, which allows you to separate images into different areas and detect objects on them. In addition, Ailiverse Neucore offers detection of action, which is extremely useful in analyzing various types of video. Support for detecting deepfakes allows us to identify distortion of images or movies, which is important in the context of combating disinformation. In addition, we can use OCR to read the text from images, entries on websites or other data sources. All these functions are available thanks to Ailiverse Neucore, which makes us have a quick and convenient tool for implementing machine -vision -based solutions.