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Anthemscore is the leading software for automatic transcription of music that uses artificial intelligence technology to change audio files, such as MP3 and WAV, for notes or guitar tabs. It has the function of automatic detection of notes, easy correction, copying and pasteing the section, adjusting instruments, advanced edition options, 30-day free test version and three levels of purchase (Lite, Professional and Studio). Thanks to the use of advanced artificial intelligence technology, Anthemscore enables quick and precise transcription of music, which makes it an irreplaceable tool for musicians, students and teachers. Regardless of whether you are a professional or a beginner musician, Anthemscore ensures ease of use and a wide range of functions that will help you to transform your favorite songs into notes that you can use every day. In addition, thanks to the possibility of adapting for various instruments, you can adapt transcription to your individual preferences and needs. The Lite version offers basic functions, allowing you to transcription, while the Professional and Studio versions provide more advanced tools that allow you to precisely refine the notes. All three levels of purchase guarantee high quality transcription and technical support. Regardless of whether you are a musician musician, composer or music teacher, Anthemscore will allow you to easily use music saved on a CD, MP3 file or recorded live, enabling access to skills that will ensure you independence and musical development. Start your adventure with musical transcription today and use the full potential of Anthemscore!