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AI-Powered Summarization is a technology that uses artificial intelligence to create text shortcuts. It uses natural language processing, and for this purpose it can use the NLTK and Python-Summy library. In addition, the OPENAI Davinci or Curie engine can be used to create shortcuts.AI-Powered Summarization can be used in various fields, such as natural language processing, machine learning or computer vision. Thanks to it, it is possible to generate precise abbreviations of texts from various sources, such as scientific articles available at the ARXIV repository.The system has a friendly user interface that allows you to easily use the abbreviations generation function. Thanks to this, everyone, regardless of their experience in the field of artificial intelligence, can use this technology.AI-Powered Summarization is an innovative solution that allows users to receive accurate and concise abbreviations of texts in a simple way. By using advanced machine learning algorithms, the system can automatically extract key information from longer texts and present it in an understandable way.