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Batchgpt is a tool that allows users to automate daily tasks using artificial intelligence (AI). It allows users to classify their data by category, change the data format, extract patterns from data, explain many texts at the same time and generate advertising texts for many keywords. It does not require programming experience and allows users to get results in a few seconds. Thanks to this tool, users can save a lot of time and effort in fulfilling their daily duties. In addition, Batchgpt also offers a wide range of functions that can adapt to individual preferences of the user. This is an extremely useful tool for people who want to optimize their work and be able to focus on more creative tasks. The use of artificial intelligence in Batchgpt also ensures exceptional precision and effectiveness in data processing. Regardless of whether it is an analysis of large data sets, translation of texts or generating effective advertising texts, BatchgPT is a reliable and versatile tool that will help users achieve their goals.