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Brandfort is a service that uses artificial intelligence to automatically remove unwanted comments from social media pages, including Facebook and Instagram. This helps protect the brand from negative opinions, spam, political comments, vulgar and offensive language. Thanks to brandfort, brands can effectively protect their images on the internet, eliminating all unwanted comments that can negatively affect their reputation. This service works automatically, thanks to which brands save time and effort, focusing on building a positive image on the web. Brandfort is an excellent tool for enterprises that want to take care of their brands and manage their presence in social media in a professional and effective way. Regardless of the company size, Brandfort gives you the ability to control the flow of information on social networks, which allows you to benefit from this powerful communication tool. Thanks to filtration, it quickly removes comments that can harm the positive image of the brand and ensures that the social sites are clean and free of inappropriate content. In addition, thanks to advanced algorithms, Brandfort is able to recognize and eliminate automatic spams, significantly increasing the quality of communication on social sites. By offering full security, Brandfort is an irreplaceable tool for every brand that wants to protect itself against the negative impact of comments from social media.