Chatpad AI

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Chatpad AI is a free and open -source user interface for chats, which focuses on privacy and providing the best possible experiences to users. It enables users to download the application to the desktop, as well as manage data such as exporting and importing data and deleting data. Chatpad AI allows safe and convenient use of the chat function, while guaranteeing privacy protection. The ability to download the application to the desktop allows users to use the AI ​​chatpad without having to become addicted to the web browser. In addition, Chatpad AI offers data management function, which means that users have full control over exporting and importing their data. They can copy their conversations, transfer them to another computer or export them for archiving. What’s more, users can easily delete their data if they decide to end the use of Chatpad AI. Chatpad AI is an innovative solution that provides freedom to users and allows them to use the chat with full confidence in the protection of their data.