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Collato is a search engine based on artificial intelligence, designed to help product teams in quick finding of dispersed information about products and saving time by eliminating information insulation. It combines all appropriate links and files, provides immediate, short answers with automatically generated summaries, and is also safe and in line with the GDPR. Thanks to COLLATO, product teams can easily find the necessary data and avoid problems related to storage and access to information. This search engine can combine any related links and files, which significantly facilitates finding specific information. In addition, Collato generates short answers with attached summaries, which allows users to quickly get acquainted with the most important information. An important aspect is also security and compliance with the GDPR, which means that Collato provides full data protection, which is particularly important for teams working on sensitive information. Thanks to this tool, each company can increase the efficiency of its team’s work and optimize the information search process, saving not only time, but also the costs associated with inefficient storage and access to data.