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Conversai is a chat assistant based on artificial intelligence that helps users easily respond to any conversation with one click. It offers an artificial summary of the text, detection of text tones, support for many languages, animated GIFs and advanced integration of the browser. Thanks to Conversai, users can enjoy smoothness in communication and be sure that they will be able to easily adapt to the different contexts of the conversation. Thanks to the function of artificial intelligence to summarize the text, Conversai reduces long messages to concise information, which helps users more effectively answer questions or requests. In addition, thanks to the function of detecting the tone of text, Conversai allows users to read emotions in messages and adjust their reaction depending on the context. An important feature of Conversai is also the support of many languages, thanks to which users can freely conduct talks in different idiom. In addition, the chat assistant offers support for animated GIFs, which can be used as a response or element of strengthening content during the conversation. Ultimately, the advanced integration of the browser allows Conversai to access various information or materials in real time, which greatly facilitates users to talk about specific topics. Thanks to such functions, Conversai creates a new quality in communication and allows users to adapt to any conversation with ease and full comfort.