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DapperGPT is a tool that provides an intuitive interface and powerful functions aimed at enriching the user’s experience from ChatGPT. It includes functions such as notes powered by artificial intelligence, extension to the Chrome browser, intelligent search, favorite bookmarks, synchronization and painting. Thanks to this tool, the user can fully use the capabilities offered by ChatgPT, becoming a more effective and satisfied user. The function of notes powered by artificial intelligence allows you to save important information in an automatic and interactive way, which accelerates the process of acquiring knowledge. The Chrome browser extension allows for immediate access to DapperGPT tools while using the Internet, providing the user with convenience and time saving. Intelligent search allows you to quickly find the information you need through precise queries, which gives the user confidence that he receives the most accurate results. The function of favorite bookmarks allows you to mark the most important notes and concepts so that you can easily return to them in the future, which contributes to the more effective work organization. Synchronization allows access to data from various devices, enabling smooth transition between them and continuous work without interruptions. On the other hand, generating images allows you to create graphics and illustrations based on content generated by CHATGPT, which gives the user more opportunities to present and visual information presentation. The use of DapperGPT opens new perspectives and facilitations in using CHATGPT, and its rich functions allow the user to even more creative and effective use of this advanced technology.