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DreamScape is an application created to help users to explore and discover hidden meanings and subconscious thoughts in their own dreams, using advanced artificial intelligence. Contains dream diary, AI analysis, dream visualization, deep analysis and the ability to copy the text to the clipboard. It is intended for iPhones and requires iOS 16.0 or newer. Thanks to DREAMESCAPE, users can keep their own detailed dream diaries, which are then analyzed by the intelligent AI algorithm. The application suggests hidden meanings that can be related to feelings, events or everyday situations. DREAMESCAPE also offers a unique functionality of dream visualization, which allows users to carefully look at their dream images and trace their details. In addition, thanks to the possibility of deep analysis, the application suggests the subconscious content related to feelings and desires that can be hidden in a dream. Users can also copy the text from their dreams to the clipboard, which makes it easier to study and discuss the memorable experience of the night dream. Dreamscape has been created for quality and performance, and also provides an intuitive interface that allows you to easily move after application and use its various functions. Thanks to this, the exploration of dreams becomes a fascinating and pleasant adventure, revealing many secrets and hidden meanings in the interior of our mind. Experience the unforgettable experience of DreamScape sleep and get to know your dreams at a completely new level!