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Dropchat is a conversation platform that allows users to chat with any book or file, including websites and URL addresses. It offers functions such as a private library, which allows you to save books and files for future chat sessions, as well as the ability to learn and understand information through discussions and reviews. Users can start learning with various books and files using the form on the website. The Dropchat application provides an interactive learning platform by chatting, enabling conversations on various content and expanding your knowledge. By using a private library, users can store books and files to be able to come back to them in the future. It is a unique tool that allows convenient and interactive learning through conversations, and also gives you the opportunity to explore various topics using available books and files. Thanks to this platform, learning becomes pleasant and available in one place, which allows users to quickly and effectively gain knowledge about various fields. Achieving educational goals has become even simpler thanks to dropchat!