Artificial Intelligence - AI Tools

Easy-peas.Ai is a tool of artificial intelligence that helps users create content 10 times faster. It provides over 80 templates that help in various writing tasks, such as creating CVs, job descriptions, e-mails or content on social media. There are also tools for generating non -standard text, creating art or images, writing content with a larger volume, automatic rewriting sound and many others.In addition, functions are available for improving texts, creating eye -catching titles and descriptions, generating company names, translations on Singlish, explaining complex topics, creating user history, generating reviews and opinions, creating press messages, writing catchy slogans, creating headers and descriptions for Google advertising, creating Facebook ads, generating titles and meta-designs SEO, creating cover letters, tweets, biography, song ideas, song lyrics, poems, quotes, jokes, greetings, podcast episodes, descriptions of episodes of podcasts and notes regarding program and real estate offers.