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Editair is a video platform powered by artificial intelligence, which revolutionizes the video editing process, enabling users to quickly and easily create shared clips, optimize frame composition, adjust the appearance of the text, use the transcription and translation function, and create personalized applications for specific industries. Thanks to Editair, it is possible to make quick and professional video editions, which allows you to easily create and share high -quality video materials. The platform allows access to advanced tools, such as optimization of frame compositions, which allows you to increase the aesthetics and video quality. Users can also adapt the appearance of the text using a variety of fonts and special effects to get a unique look of their video clips. Thanks to transcription and translation functions, Editair enables users to efficiently manage audio and text content, facilitating the creation of inscriptions, translations and adding sound undercoat. In addition, the platform allows you to develop personalized applications for specific industries, which is ideal for companies and organizations that need adapted tools to create video. Thanks to Editair, the video edition becomes more accessible and effective, and users can create professional and high -quality films that meet their unique needs.