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Ellie is an intelligent assistant to support e-mail that helps users create wise answers to messages in any language, using the context of the email thread. It is available as an extension for Chrome and Firefox browsers and supports Gmail and other internet clients. It was created to help people regain some control over automatic e-mails and is developed by traveling programmers Danielle and James. Thanks to Ellie, more efficient and more effective response to e-mails, regardless of the language. It is very popular due to its advanced functions and intuitive interface. Regardless of whether you are a person running businesses or professionally working, Ellie will help you manage your inbox effectively. The assistant’s multilingualism allows free communication with foreign clients and partners, without fear of making language errors. Who is Ellie? This is an innovative tool that makes our daily tasks easier, while allowing us to take control of our e-mails. Danielle and James, traveling creators, develop Ellie with commitment to make the whole process of entering the response to e-mails even more effective. The transformation of automatic emails into intelligent and professional content now becomes easier than ever before. Thanks to Ellie you will be sure that your answers will reflect the context and the nature of the message, which will certainly make a good impression on the recipients of your emails. Regardless of whether you use Gmail or other internet customer, Ellie is a great solution for you. Try Ellie today and see how much you can gain thanks to this intelligent assistant to e-mail.