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EmailCoser helps users to create convincing and effective e-mails in just a few minutes, using generative artificial intelligence based on GPT-3 OpenAI. The user is encouraged to complete the form containing information about the announcement or offer they want to provide and provide their official e-mail address. After creating an e-mail with the help of artificial intelligence, it is recommended to manually edit man to get the final effect. Thanks to the emailCOMPOSER, the process of creating professional e-mails is simplified and significantly accelerated, which allows users to save time and effort. In addition, it is possible to personalize generated emails in accordance with the preferences and character of the recipient, which further increases the effectiveness of communication. Instant creation of high-quality emails becomes available to everyone, regardless of editorial skills or experience in writing. EmailComperser is a tool that revolutionizes the way we create and send emails in the business world.