GetSound Ai

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GetSound is a platform for streaming sound playback, designed especially for SPA, hotels and holiday resorts. It provides personalized sound sounds adapted to a specific moment and ideally suited to the current location and climatic conditions of the user, available around the clock. This platform offers the ability to play with AirPlay, unlimited sound landscapes, no license or copyright fees and over 20 sound environments. Thanks to GetSound, you can immerse yourself in relaxing sounds that have been designed especially for you and will perfectly match your experience in SPA, Hotel or Recreation Center. Regardless of the time of day or night, you will always have access to the sound full of harmony. This platform also offers the AirPlay compatibility function, so you can easily play the sound on Apple devices. Connect your iPhone, iPad or Mac without any problems and enjoy the immersion in sound landscapes, adapted to your needs. Electronic sound landscapes available at GetSound are unlimited – from the mild noise of the sea, through relaxing sounds of nature, to inspirational melodies. Regardless of your preferences, you will certainly find the right sounds that will adapt to your taste and mood. What’s more, the use of GetSound is completely free of license or copyright fees. You can freely use the full sound library without worrying about additional fees. Enjoy the unique soundtracks that will provide you with unforgettable sensations with a simultaneous lack of any financial obligations. The GetSound platform also offers over 20 different sound environments to choose from. Regardless of whether you dream of relaxing jungle sounds, the singing of birds in the forest or the noise of water over the mountain stream – you will certainly find the perfect sound environment that will put you into a state of deep relaxation and idyll. Thanks to GetSound, discover the new dimension of sounds and experience full harmony anywhere and time. Allow yourself a bit of luxury and relaxation, using this innovative sound platform created especially for you.