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Gilarity – a summary for Google/YouTube (ChatgPT) is an extension of the Open -Source browser, which displays the CHATGPT summary in Google and YouTube search results. It is free to use and support websites such as Yahoo!, Pubmed, PMC, Newspicks, Github, Nikkei, Bing, Google Patents. It is not required to have a chatgpt/openai account. Thanks to Glarite, you can quickly and easily get chatgpt extract without registration. Be up to date with the most important information, using this tool that gives you the ability to browse the shortcuts of CHATGPT in the context of Google search results and content on YouTube. Regardless of whether you are looking for specific scientific articles, news, github codes or patent results, Glarity will help you find the right information quickly. Try Glarity today and use its many available functions, without having to have a chatgpt/openai account.