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GLING automatically detects and removes silence and unsuccessful shots from raw video material. It was created especially for content creators on the YouTube platform, who create films from the so -called “Speaking heads”. Thanks to it, you can save time and effort, eliminating undesirable fragments in your recordings. Gling effectively recognizes silence in your material and failures, like uneven emotions or loopes, and automatically removes them, providing you with only the best fragments for further editing. You can be sure that by creating content with clang, you will receive professional recordings with high sound quality. It is an ideal tool for people running YouTube channels, which focus mainly on statements and presentations in front of the camera. Using Glyg, you can be sure that your films will be interesting and refined, maintaining liquidity and professionalism. Thanks to this tool you will create materials that attract the attention of viewers and positively affect the development of your channel. Well -coordinated, efficient and professional video is now within your reach, thanks to the gling. Save time and focus on the content you provide your community on YouTube.