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GPT4All is a language model tool that allows users to talk to locally launched artificial intelligence in a web browser, export conversation history and personalize AI personality. Thanks to GPT4All, we can easily and conveniently use the advanced language model, which is installed on our own computer. It is enough to the user to invite AI to talk using a web browser interface, and then he can freely conduct dialogue with AI, asking him questions, expressing his thoughts or requests. All communication takes place in real time, which means we receive immediate answers. An additional advantage of GPT4All is the ability to personalize AI personality. The user can adapt AI to their preferences, asking specific questions, giving tips or choosing specific answers. We can create AI, which will be more formal, witty, emotional or even based on a specific character of a fictitious character. Thanks to this, GPT4All adapts to our needs and meets our expectations in conversation. Using GPT4All is also convenient because we can easily export the history of our conversations. We can save all our interaction with AI, and then come back to it and analyze the answers received or use it for educational or research purposes. Thanks to this, GPT4All becomes our faithful companion, which is always available and ready to talk. The conclusion is that GPT4All is an extremely useful tool that allows us to interact with AI in a personalized, flexible and easy to use way. Thanks to this, we can take advantage of the advantages of the language model fully, exploring its capabilities and discovering new areas of communication of man-mascans.