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This tool has been designed to generate training plans adapted to the level of fitness, height, weight, assumed target, available days for training and the goals of the user’s gym. It can generate a personalized training in a few seconds, which makes it easier to start traveling in the direction of improvement in physical form. Thanks to this tool, you can adapt the training plan to your needs and preferences, receiving a set of exercises ideally suited to individual purposes. Regardless of whether someone wants to increase muscle strength, burn fat, or improve the overall condition, this training program will ensure an effective and adapted way to the individual possibilities to achieve your goals. This innovative application aims to motivate users for regular training, supporting their healthy lifestyle and striving for better condition. Thanks to this tool, you do not need to have specialized knowledge or experience in creating training plans – everything is already prepared for you. Starting his adventure with training, the user can be sure that each exercise is in line with his current state of health and possibilities. This tool is a real support for everyone who wants to achieve their fitness goals in a safe, effective and adapted way to their individual needs.