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Hex Magic is a tool based on artificial intelligence that allows people to amazing things in the area of ​​data. It has a modern platform for data analysis, with query editor, charts and tables available with one click, maps and a model of calculations based on DAG. It is also distinguished by immediate integration with data warehouses, data warehouses and databases. In addition, Hex Magic offers built -in versions, permissions, notifications, user interface components and knowledge library. Two options are available: Hex Cloud and Hex Private. Hex Cloud allows the use of a cloud tool, ensuring flexibility and scalability. In contrast, Hex Private is a dedicated solution that allows the use of Hex Magic on the local infrastructure. Both types of access guarantee data security and the certainty that their operation is done in accordance with the latest standards. Hex Magic is an extremely versatile tool that allows you to conduct advanced analyzes and manipulate data in a simple and intuitive way. Thanks to its easy service, even people without specialist experience in the field of data science can generate valuable results and discover new observations. Regardless of whether you need data visualization, complex calculations or creating reports, Hex Magic is a tool that will not disappoint you.