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Heybot is a chatbot that allows users to transform their website into a chatbot called chatgpt. Thanks to this tool, users have the ability to log in using a Google account and obtaining additional information about the product via the Discord server. Acting as an interactive and friendly chatbot, Heybot contributes to greater involvement of visitors. In addition, users have easy access to chatbot thanks to the login function using a Google account. Heybot also provides detailed information about a given product via the Discord server, which allows better understanding of its functions and benefits. Thanks to this, users can quickly get answers to product questions. Heybot is an ideal tool for website owners who want to provide their visitors with an interactive form of communication and enrich their experience. Thanks to its simplicity and functionality, creating chatbot becomes easier and available to everyone. Heybot is an absolute must-have for every website owner who wants to increase user involvement and raise the level of interaction on his website.