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It is an extension for the Chrome browser, which automates the process of sending personalized invitations to LinkedIn. It allows users to create messages sent to candidates, based on their profiles, select a language, indicate the degree of closeness and select a professional or fun tone of voice. What’s more, this tool provides ready -made messages that help save time and optimize the recruitment process. Thanks to this tool, recruiters will be able to make contact with potential candidates faster and more effectively, which will contribute to more effective acquisition of new talents. All you need is a few clicks to send a personalized and attractive invitation that catches the attention of the candidate and increase the chances of establishing cooperation. Useful functions of this extension, such as choosing a language or tone of voice, allow you to adapt the message to the preferences of the candidate, which further increases the efficiency of communication. In addition, it is possible to remember previously sent messages and edition, which saves time and avoid making repetitive mistakes. You don’t have to manually write every invitation and look for the right words – this tool will do it for you. Thanks to it, you can focus on key recruitment tasks and shorten the recruitment time, thus increasing the effectiveness of the process. This reliable tool will become your inseparable support in your daily recruitment work, bringing you benefits in the form of time saving and increasing efficiency. Do not hesitate, install this extension now and enjoy even more success in acquiring the most appropriate candidates!