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Hoku is an intelligent health assistant who works thanks to advanced artificial intelligence. Its main goal is to provide users with personalized support in the health sphere. It works on Apple and iOS platforms, thanks to which it can synchronize with the devices of this manufacturer. What exactly does Hoku do? In addition to generating meal and exercise plans, he can also create special health programs adapted to the individual needs of the user. Along with the analysis of training and meals, the hoku also follows the user’s activity and provides him with significant conclusions. It is worth noting that Hoku not only offers personalized tips in line with the user’s health profile, but also protects the privacy of its users. All data is stored safely and will never be made available to third parties. Waiting for the official launch, which is planned for June 2023, we can expect that Hoku will change our approach to health care. With his intelligent functions and a personalized approach, ensuring health will become simpler and more effective than ever before.