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Instanovel.Ai is a free tool using GPT-3 and DALL-E 2 to generate a mini-novel with beautiful illustrations based on a simple invitation. This is free for use, although there is a limit of one book per person. Currently, it is only available in English, but in the future more languages ​​will be added. Thanks to Instanovel.Ai you can create your own story yourself, the plot of which will be enriched with beautiful graphics. Regardless of whether you are a writer or a person who likes to read, this tool will provide you with the inspiration and the opportunity to explore the world of literature. Due to a simple suggestion or question, Instanovel.Ai will generate a unique work for you that you can share with your friends or simply stick to yourself as a unique souvenir. From now on, your stories can gain not only content, but also a visual shot, thanks to which they will become even more exciting and interesting. We are looking forward to adding more languages ​​so that an even larger number of people can use this amazing tool. See for yourself how Instanovel.Ai can facilitate and enrich your experience in reading and writing.