Artificial Intelligence - AI Tools

KLYNK is a tool that helps marketing, sales and customer service teams to create powerful e-mail campaigns using artificial intelligence in a few minutes. It has functions such as configurable hints for GTM models and functions, easy integration with CRM and e-mail platforms, and the ability to personalize emails based on roles, positions and industry. KLINK allows for quick and effective creation of campaigns that meet the requirements of each organization, thus increasing the effectiveness of marketing, sales and customer service. Thanks to the flexible tools available under KLYNK, teams can create personalized emails that go to the expectations and needs of recipients, which contributes to increasing the commitment and effectiveness of campaign activities. In addition, KLYNK offers integration with CRM systems and e-mail platforms, enabling easy monitoring of the campaign results and analysis of the effectiveness of activities. Thanks to the KLEINK, marketing, sales and customer service teams have a tool that allows you to quickly create professional and effective e-mail campaigns adapted to the individual needs and preferences of recipients.