Artificial Intelligence - AI Tools is creative software for cooperation and video reviews that provides a convenient video verification system and remote cooperation with creative projects for companies dealing with animation and video production. It has a cage and loop inspection modes, a unique adapted work stream, resource management and invitations for customers without problems. It also offers a view of the Gantt calendar and diagram for control and planning of the team’s loads and many integration to improve production and communication. is a comprehensive tool that facilitates creative processes and enables efficient remote cooperation. Thanks to functions such as cage control, review modes and easy resource management, companies can easily review and co -create projects in real time. In addition, thanks to the calendar and Gantt diagram, you can effectively control the schedule and load on the team’s work. Integrations with other tools also facilitate the production and communication process, eliminating the need to go between different programs or platforms. is not only video review software, but also a comprehensive tool supporting the entire production and cooperation process in the video animation and production industry.