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Lettria is a No-Code AI platform dedicated to the analysis of texts, which allows users to create their own NLP projects without writing code. The platform offers a wide range of functions, including texts labeling, cleaning texts, ontology management, data quality control, NLP training and the construction of knowledge graph. Its purpose is to increase productivity, automate time -consuming tasks and faster introduction of projects into production. It is suitable for various roles, from business analysts to data engineers and data scientists. Thanks to Lettria, users do not have to write a single line of code, which increases their flexibility and allows you to focus on important aspects of the project. The platform enables accurate labeling of texts so that you can assign the appropriate categories and tags. It also provides tools for cleaning texts by removing unnecessary characters or formatting. Lettria facilitates ontology management, enabling users to easily create and manage the data structure. It also provides data quality control, which allows you to identify errors and imperfections in the text. Thanks to the NLP training function, users can teach the platform to recognize patterns and create predictive models without having to write complex algorithms. In turn, the tool for building a knowledge graph allows you to create connections between different data, which is especially useful when analyzing complex relationships and understanding of context. Thanks to Lettria, roles such as a business analyst, data engineer or data scientist have the opportunity to effectively use their time and skills, creating advanced NLP projects without any programming knowledge.