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Lindy is an AI assistant who can help in tasks such as calendar management, email writing, sending contracts, segregating email and more. It can be called from anywhere and provides perfect planning, preliminary e-mail sketches, conflict resolution and summary of content. Lindy integrates with various tools, such as Gmail, Google calendar, Twitter, Salesforce and Slack. Thanks to Linda you can forget about the confusing schedule – now everything is under control. This intelligent assistant perfectly manages your calendar, adapting to your preferences and priorities. Regardless of whether you are in the office or on a business trip, Lindy is always ready to ensure optimal planning of your day. In addition, thanks to this irreplaceable tool, the use of e -mail becomes childishly simple. Lindy creates preliminary e-mail sketches that you can edit and send without having to spend hours on writing each sentence. Fast, precise and professional – thanks to Lindy your e -mail correspondence becomes effective and saves your precious time. Lindy not only helps in managing calendar and writing emails – he can also ensure conflict resolution so that you can focus on the most important matters. If two important meetings appeared on your calendar at the same time, Lindy will immediately find the optimal solution and allow you to avoid unnecessary stress and confusion. This intelligent assistant not only cooperates with popular tools such as Gmail, Google, Twitter, Salesforce or Slack, but also with many other programs and software. Thanks to this, you can easily use the tools you prefer, and Lindy will cope with integration and cooperation. Lindy is an innovative solution that speeds up your work, improves efficiency and saves valuable time. If you are looking for support in task management, calendar and correspondence, Lindy is exactly what you need. Give this intelligent assistant a chance and you will see how much you can gain thanks to her invaluable functions.