Magenta Studio

Artificial Intelligence - AI Tools

Magenta Studio is a collection of Magenta Open Source tools and models. These tools use machine learning techniques to generate music and are available as independent applications and as plugins for ABLETON LIVE. They allow users to read and save clips from the ABLETON session view and read and save files from the user file system. Magenta Studio is a great tool for musicians who want to use the potential of machine learning to create their own music in an innovative way. Thanks to this project, it is possible to explore new sounds and create custom musical compositions. These plugins also provide an easy way to create, play and experiment with sounds in ABLETON Live, which opens new possibilities and inspires creators. Magenta Studio puts on the availability level, enabling support for various file formats and integration with other music tools. Thanks to this, users can conveniently use the program, regardless of their own preferences and needs. Together with Magenta Studio, everyone can become the creator of music enriched with sounds generated by artificial intelligence – regardless of their musical skills or experience.