Magician for Figma

Artificial Intelligence - AI Tools

Magician is a designing tool for Figma, supported by artificial intelligence, which allows users to design AI power in the scope of copying, generating unique icons based on text, automation of tasks and prototyping code. He works next to users to develop their creativity and imagination thanks to the functions of magical spells. Magician is a modern tool that introduces innovative solutions and facilitates the design process in Figma. Thanks to the AI ​​function to create text copies, users can quickly and easily generate unique content, both to websites and for marketing materials. In addition, thanks to the possibility of generating icons based on texts, Magician allows you to quickly create personalized graphics that perfectly match any project. Automation of tasks is another powerful Magician function that allows you to automate repetitive activities, saving time and releasing the user from monotonous tasks. By prototyping using code, Magician provides even greater flexibility and design capabilities, enabling the creation of interactive prototypes that reflect the actual operation of the application. Magician is therefore not only a tool, but also support for designers who want to use AI power to create more innovative and effective projects.