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The Mailr tool allows users to save time and quick, easy written e-mails thanks to the use of artificial intelligence. Users have the ability to determine their intention (purpose) and tone (friendly, informal, convincing, etc.), and the Mailr will generate an e-mail based on the OPENAI GPT-3/CHAT-GPT algorithms. This is suitable for both private individuals and enterprises that want to manage and optimize their e-mail communication. Thanks to the mailr, users can focus on important matters, instead of wasting time on repetitive content or considering the optimal form of written message. This tool will certainly support businesses in the construction of effective communication strategies, and will also facilitate the daily exchange of information between private persons. Thanks to the powerful power of artificial intelligence, Mailr is able to adapt the content of the message to the intended purpose and tone, which makes emails more professional, consistent and effective. All this contributes to more effective e-mail communication and saves a costly time that can be allocated to the development of the company, building relationships or the implementation of other tasks of greater importance. Regardless of whether you are an entrepreneur, freelancer or corporate employee, Mailr is a great tool for optimizing and improving your e-mails.