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Movmi is a free software for capturing traffic using artificial intelligence, dedicated to 3D animators. Thanks to it, users can create 3D animations based on movies, without having to have specialized equipment or a movable outfit. The technology is based on the cloud of computing, which means that it does not require having expensive devices, and additionally supports scenes with many human characters. The software also offers access to the collection of full -way characters that can be used for various purposes. In addition, Movmi provides users with various membership plans with various functionalities. It is also possible to export 3D characters and FBX files to be used in 3D environments. The Movmi action is based on advanced artificial intelligence technology that analyzes video recordings and transforms them into 3D animations. Thanks to this, users can use existing video materials to create professional and realistic animations. The software is intuitive to use and provides users with a wide range of animation editing and manipulation tools. Movmi is an innovative solution for 3D animators, which not only saves time and costs, but also allows you to create high quality animations without investing in expensive equipment or professional laboratories. Thanks to the possibilities it offers, it becomes a great tool for both experienced professionals and amateurs who want to create impressive 3D animations.