Norby AI

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AI Norby is a chatbot driven by chatgpt, which provides automated 24/7 customer service. Thanks to the AI ​​start-ups, personal brands and small companies can quickly and easily set chatbot on their website without writing code or configuration. Users simply create an account, copy and paste a fragment of the code on their website and copy and paste their questions often asked (FAQ) or documents on the control panel. Chatbot is then ready for use. Thanks to the AI, the use of chatbot technology becomes simple and available to everyone. Entrepreneurs can focus on customer service, and the AI ​​Norms will take care of the rest. This innovative tool allows companies to acquire new customers, solve customer problems and provide quick and effective service without having to engage the customer service team. In addition, the AI ​​Nortes can be easily adapted to the needs and preferences of each company, which makes it a versatile tool for various industries. Customers are happy to interact with the AI ​​Norma, because they receive quick and competent answers to their questions and support in solving problems. From the nor of AI, enterprises can improve their reputation and increase customer trust by offering a unique service experience. Every day, every day, AI serves its clients, providing reliable and effective service. Join the AI ​​Norm today and see how simple the customer service process can be!