Open Assistant

Artificial Intelligence - AI Tools

Open Assistant is a project in the field of artificial intelligence of the interlocutor, which aims to improve the world by providing an amazing artificial intelligence of the interlocutor. It is organized by Laion and people from around the world, and the code and models are licensed on the basis of the APACHE 2.0 license. Open Assistant will be free to use and modify, and will also work on consumer equipment. Our tool aims to ensure interaction, which resembles a conversation with man to help users in various aspects of their lives. The whole project is based on openness, people forming the Open Assistant community can co -create and modify the current structure to bring even better results. Our goal is to create an intelligent, friendly and universal tool that will allow users to find answers, solve problems and access information using natural verbal interactions. The number of opportunities created by Open Assistant is unlimited, and we try to constantly develop this platform to provide even better experience for our users.