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Oscar is a mobile application that offers personalized fairy tales for children with the help of artificial intelligence. It enables users to generate unique stories tailored to their preferences, including the participation of parents and friends. Thanks to this, it is a truly personalized experience. It is ideal for busy parents who want to make sleep time for their child a unique moment. Oscar makes children fall asleep, listening to fairy tales created only for them, taking into account their favorite characters and various adventures. The application is available for smartphones and tablets, which means that it can be used anywhere and at any time of the day. By using artificial intelligence, Oscar analyzes user data and creates stories that are not only interesting, but also educational. Parents can be sure that fairy tales that their children listen to are suitable for their age and develop their imagination. Oscar is an irreplaceable help for busy parents who want to spend a valuable time with children, even during morning and evening treatments. Children love stories that are written especially for them, and enjoy it great joy. Thanks to Oscar, parents can be sure that each fairy tale will be unique and adapted to the individual needs of their child, which makes sleep time to become a magical and calm moment for the whole family.