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Video location platform enabling users to postpone the existing video content and voice. It uses an artificial intelligence system for automatic transcription, translation and creating voting dubbing, as well as a team controlling quality and introducing any necessary corrections. This flexible platform is suitable for every industry, including media companies, enterprises, the e-learning industry and content creators. It offers wide adaptation opportunities to provide professional translations and adapted narratives to each project. Thanks to advanced AI technologies, the platform provides excellent sound of voices that are almost indistinguishable from real speakers. All translations are thoroughly verified by QA specialists who care about the highest quality and adapt content to different cultures and contexts. Regardless of the type of content, the video location platform is able to meet all requirements and provide excellent results. It is an ideal tool for everyone who wants to effectively convey their message on an international scale. Regardless of whether you want to explain promotional, training films, video centers or any other video materials, this platform will provide you with appropriate tools and support to achieve success.