Piano Genie

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Piano Genie is a tool that allows users to use your computer or phone to simulate a piano game using machine learning. Users can play the piano using keys numbered from 1 to 8 on the keyboard or also using the main-row keys A-F and J-; This tool also has a sound holding function that is activated with space. Piano Genie works best in horizontal mode on the phone. Thanks to Piano Genie, everyone now has the opportunity to experience real pleasure from playing the piano, without having to have an instrument. Regardless of whether you are an experienced pianist or are just starting your musical journey, this tool is available to you. This innovative solution uses machine learning to recreate the sounds of a real piano on your computer or phone. Thanks to this, you can use the keyboard of your device to play different sounds, thus creating your own musical arrangements. You can play both on numbered keys and on the main keyboard keys. This flexibility gives you full freedom in creating your own music. To add even more expression and emotions to your game, you can also use the sound holding function by clicking the space. Regardless of whether you prefer classical music or contemporary songs, Piano Genie is an ideal tool that offers you full freedom in creating and experimenting with sounds. It’s like the whole orchestra was available on your computer or on your phone. To get the best results, we recommend using the Piano Genie in landscape mode on the phone. You can put it on a stable base to enjoy full control over your game. Now, wherever you are, you can develop your musical skills and create inspiring melodies. Experience the real magic of music and ignite the passion for playing the piano thanks to Piano Genie. Open new opportunities in the world of music and let yourself be carried away by your own musical experiments!