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Let me exchange video for text suggestions. Submit a short video clip and provide text instructions on the way you would like this video to be changed. You can use our platform to transform your video materials into something completely special. It’s easy! Just send your short video clip, for example a holiday video, an unforgettable event or an important event. Then, give us text instructions, describing how you would like this video to be modified. You can easily indicate detailed issues, such as color editing, applying special effects, adding text, changing the order of video fragments, and many other options available. Our professional team will make the necessary changes for you, based on the guidelines you provide. We guarantee that your video will become unique and fully give your vision. Enjoy the creative process, transforming each video clip into something special. Our platform allows you to expression of your creativity and gives you control over the final effect. Let your video gain a new life thanks to our video swap service with text suggestions. Send us material and we will make magical changes, meeting your expectations fully!