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Polycam is an application for capturing three -dimensional images for smartphones, which allows users to create high -quality 3D models based on photos from any device and quick space scanning using the Lidar sensor. In addition, it allows users to edit their captured 3D images directly on the device and export them in over a dozen file formats, sharing intercepted images with friends and the Polycam community, as well as performing measurements and generating projects. Thanks to Polycam, you can transfer the process of creating three -dimensional models to your smartphone and use unparalleled quality scans. You can easily create 3D models from any photos, regardless of the device. In addition, the application allows professional editing of intercepted images without having to use additional software. Using the Lidar sensor, Polycam provides quick space scanning, which allows you to create 3D models thoroughly. To adapt your work even more, you can export intercepted images in many different file formats to be able to cooperate without any problems with other programs or devices. Also, enjoy the possibility of sharing your perception with friends and the Polycam community, where you can gain inspiration and exchange ideas. In addition, the application allows you to make measurements and generate technical throws, which is invaluable when creating projects. Polycam is a comprehensive tool for all enthusiasts of creating 3D models that will allow you to fully control and creativity in the process of capturing and editing three -dimensional images. Download the Polycam application now and discover new possibilities of creating 3D models on your smartphone.