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Prisma is a tool for editing photos that allows users to easily transform their photographs into digital art. It has an extensive styles’ library, excellent functionality, portraits segmentation, live frames and background editing function. Thanks to Prisma, users can easily create a thrilling selfie and improve their creativity. This innovative application allows non -standard photo modifications, giving unlimited possibilities of artistic expression. Prisma offers a variety of styles and effects that add life and character of each photo. Regardless of whether you are an amateur or professional, Prisma is an ideal tool for transforming your photos and discovering new perspectives. Thanks to this application, you can experiment with different styles, add textures, change colors and create works of art that express your originality and creativity. Imagination is your only limit, and Prisma is your reliable artistic companion. Transform your photos into masterpieces with the help of prism and share them to the world, delighting others with your unique vision and passion for photographic art.