Prompt Vibes

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Promptvibes is a huge collection of useful chatgpt hints that users can use to become experts in chatgpt. It provides hints from various categories, such as teaching from chatgpt, funny hints, chatgpt expert, productivity, programming hints, writing hints, marketing hints, roleplay and game. It allows users to transform chatgpt into an intelligence officer, personal financial advisor, personal dietitian, advertiser, tutor for writing based on artificial intelligence, “release” from the Antigpt system, ASCII artist, “freeing” better, professional advisor, a film from a movie/book/something else , a marketer based on the theory of cognitive dissonance, admin of the advertising campaign on Facebook for the community, composer, “release” by Cooper, customer success copywriter, debate coach, debatant, “release” devoda v2, “release” Devmode+Ranti, “release “Dude V3, helper in English pronunciation, English translator and corrector, essay writer, ethical Dan, evil trustee, Excel’s spreadsheet, full stack programmer, generating a marketing campaign plan based on self -esteem theory, Growth Hackera based on Growth Flwhel Frameper On Facebook for influencers, “release” Jailbreak Jailbreak, JavaScript console, “release” khajiit, a marketing generator based on the Lean Startup methodology and the use of social comparisons to marketing.