Question Base

Artificial Intelligence - AI Tools

Question Base is a knowledge base based on artificial intelligence, which helps teams, providing immediate answers to questions asked in slack. Actively monitors conversations and gives answers within 3 seconds. Question Base is free during beta, and from 2023 it will offer a price list for teams of different sizes. It allows teams to quickly gain access to knowledge stored in slack, limiting interruption of work and enabling natural development of knowledge. The operation of this tool translates into the efficiency of the team, which can quickly find the information you need and avoid unnecessary interference. It is worth emphasizing that Question Base actively monitors conversations, thanks to which it is able to provide instant answers. Using this tool, teams gain the opportunity to focus on performing tasks and focus on key activities, and not waste time looking for information. This not only saves time, but above all increases work efficiency and enables dynamic development of knowledge among team members. It is also worth mentioning that the friendly Question Base interface allows you to easily use the tool, even for users who have no previous experience in this type of knowledge base. All this makes Question Base an irreplaceable tool for teams that want to effectively manage knowledge and achieve better results. Preparing for the introduction of fees from 2023 for teams of various sizes suggests that this project is aimed at long -term and continuous cooperation, offering benefits for both users and the company.