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Quizbot is a tool designed to quickly generate quizzes for any purpose. It has technology based on artificial intelligence, thanks to which users can generate quizzes based on any text over 1000 words and in many languages. It also offers various types of quizzes, such as truth-funzes, multiple answers, FAQ or Higher Order QA questions. Quizbot is available with API integration and offers many price plans. Thanks to it, users can create quizzes easily and quickly, without the need to manually create questions and answers. It is an invaluable tool for teachers, trainers, journalists, authors of the publication and people creating educational materials. Quizbot allows personalization of quizzes, so you can adapt them to the individual needs of the recipients. In addition, quizzes generated by Quizbot are easy to share and spread, which makes it an ideal tool for online content creators. Thanks to quizbot, creating multiple choice, quizzes with real or false, or even more advanced questions, becomes fast, easy and effective. This is an irreplaceable tool for anyone who wants to provide interactive and attractive content in the form of quizzes. Try a quizbot today and experience all its advantages!