Raycast AI

Artificial Intelligence - AI Tools

Raycast is an MacOS application that allows users to unlock the potential of artificial intelligence on their macs. It contains chatbot, GPT, which can be accessed from anywhere on Mac to help with tasks, and API interfaces that can be used to create experiences with AI. The functions of artificial intelligence are currently available for free during the beta phase. Now you can enjoy the benefits of advanced AI’s capabilities on your MAC computer thanks to Raycast. application. Use the GPT chatbot to help you perform various tasks. Regardless of where you are on your Mac, you have access to an intelligent assistant who is always ready to help. In addition, thanks to the API interfaces, Raycast allows you to build your own experience using artificial intelligence. You can adjust the application so that it meets your specific needs. All these AI functions are currently available for free during the beta phase. Do not miss this opportunity and use all the advantages of Raycast!