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Reflectr is a private, based on artificial intelligence, created to help people organize their thoughts, reflect on ideas and increase productivity. It offers functions such as tags, comments, mood indicators generated by artificial intelligence, emoticons, writing tips and mood calendars that provide immediate feedback and help users maintain order. Thanks to the reflector, users can easily put aside everyday worries, declare thoughts and focus on what is really important. All notes are stored in electronic form, which provides convenience and quick access to them from anywhere and device. Thanks to this, regardless of the place and time, you can go back to your thoughts and ideas at any time. Functions based on artificial intelligence, such as automatically generated tags, make searching for a specific note easy and fast. Reflectr analyzes the content of notes and assigns them the appropriate labels so that users can easily find the information they are interested in. In addition, the comments system allows you to interact with other users, share your thoughts and receive valuable comments. Mood indicators and emoticons allow users to track their well -being and emotions on a regular basis. Daily registration of your mood mood calendar allows you to analyze trends and understand what affects our well -being on individual days. Thanks to these tools, you can better manage your energy and time, avoiding periods of stagnation or demotivation. Reflectr is not only a notebook, but also a kind of writing trainer. Thanks to writing advice, users can improve their communication, creative and artistic skills. The system supports various types of texts in writing, from private diaries to professional articles, helping to develop in every field of writing. Striving for maximum systematization, the reflector also offers a mood calendar. Thanks to it, you can consciously plan your actions, taking into account your own well -being. This calendar helps in managing time and organizing the relationship between mood and productivity. Reflectr is an innovative tool that allows users to discover the potential of their mind and provides them with support in everyday life. Thanks to this notebook, we gain space for clean thoughts, reflections and realization of dreams.