Artificial Intelligence - AI Tools

Schoolai is a tool that helps teachers save time, providing them with powerful AI emails, assessment, lesson plans, ideas, quizzes, brainstorms, reports and much more. It has functions such as personalization, e-mail mode, assessment and grade mode, lesson plan mode, resource from the lesson plan mode, quiz mode, brainstorming mode and the meter of the saved time. Schoolai helps teachers in many aspects of their daily work. Thanks to intelligent AI, e-mails can quickly and easily communicate with students, parents and other members of the school community. The personalization function allows you to adapt the content of the message to specific recipients, which increases the effectiveness of communication. The assessment and assessment mode is extremely useful in the process of assessing students. Schoolai enables teachers to automatically check students’ answers, which significantly accelerates the assessment process. In addition, the ability to set weight for answers allows for a more accurate assessment. Lesson planning is an integral part of teachers’ work. Thanks to the Schoolai lesson plan, teachers can create and store detailed classes in one place. In addition, thanks to the resources available from the lesson plan mode, they can use ready -made didactic materials, while saving time to prepare them. Conducting quizzes is an effective way to check students’ knowledge. Thanks to the quiz in Schoolai, the teacher can easily create interactive quizzes that will contribute to greater involvement of students in the learning process. Sometimes teachers need help in generating new ideas and brainstorms. In such situations, Schoolai can serve as a creative assistant. Thanks to the brainstorming function, teachers can generate new and original ideas for lessons, projects or additional activities. The amazing advantage of Schoolai is also the ability to monitor the saved time. Thanks to the meter of the saved time, teachers can observe how much time they saved thanks to the use of Schoolai. This motivates them to use the tool and get even more benefits from their work. All this makes Schoolai an invaluable support for teachers, allowing them to manage their time more effectively and focus on the most important aspects of education. Thanks to Schoolai, teachers can make their lessons more interesting, and the process of assessing and planning lessons more effective.