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SkyGlass offers artificially generated backgrounds and VFX visual effects for video recording. Users can create artificial intelligence environments, remove backgrounds without green screens and use the technology of composition in real time. This tool also offers various paid subscription plans, including access to the library of three -dimensional environments and manual camera control. Thanks to Skyglass it is possible to create original and professional shots that were previously possible only for large film productions. All users, regardless of their experience in the industry, can now enjoy advanced special effects that will add a unique character and quality to their video projects. Thanks to the technology of artificial intelligence, backgrounds in recordings will no longer be a problem, and creativity will have unlimited possibilities. Skyglass is an innovative and versatile solution that allows you to create a video at the highest level. Regardless of whether you are a hobbyist, influencer or professional filmmaker, Skyglass is the right tool that will transform your productions into spectacular works of art. Choose one of the subscription plans, get access to a huge library of three -dimensional environments and control the camera according to your preferences. Skyglass gives you full creative freedom and the opportunity to realize your visions. Enter a new level of video production thanks to Skyglass!