Stream Routine

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Stream Routine is a tool that allows users to adapt how to respond to chatbot to their needs and chats. It can be used to come up with ideas during streams, give virtual guides during live broadcasts from real life and organizations of rap chat duels. It gives unlimited possibilities for streamers. Stream Routine allows you to create original and unique interactions that will make your stream even more attractive and intriguing for viewers. Thanks to this tool, you can adapt the chatbot operation to your person and preferences. Regardless of whether you want to ask viewers and introduce Brainstoring during the stream, or prepare a virtual guide showing viewers around interesting places, Routine stream will provide you with countless possibilities of adapting the chat to your stream. And what’s more, you can challenge your viewers to participate in rap battles, which will definitely cause excitement and emotions in chat. With Stream Routine, your streams will become more movable and gain a dynamic character, attracting new viewers and increasing the interaction in chat. It is worth using this tool to make your streams even more unique and unforgettable.